Recently I did interviews with our two oldest daughters. It is a new annual tradition I started this year. The questions are pretty rote: favorite color, favorite activity, etc. Tops on the list of favorites were vacations.

In the past year we have visited Madeline Island, Wisconsin; Sanibel Island, Florida; and Omaha, Nebraska. Okay, I admit Omaha was not a stand-out memory for the kids, though the zoo there is tops. Summer vacation to Madeline Island and winter in Florida were great experiences.

I don’t think location is really the big point of these vacations, however. In the case of the favorites, it was a week (or more) away with no computers, no work, and just family with family. Sometimes as a parent you feel your sacrifices are not noticed. Not in this case. Whether they know it or not, the kids absolutely loved the time together. Unencumbered.

Snapped on Apr 05, 2012